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How would you describe your style?

My style is a mix of traditional and photojournalistic. I like to capture images as the day unfolds. My goal is to blend in and not be seen. Your guests are there to see you, not me. My job is to document all the moments during the day you thought you were missing.

How many photos will I get

My standard answer is between 40-60 final images per hour I'm shooting. However; I don't limit your images so if I shoot more, I will give them to you at no extra charge.

How many weddings have you shot?

I've been photographing weddings professionally for about 5 years, in them time I have shot over 100 weddings.

How come wedding photography is so expensive?

Let's just address the elephant in the room shall we? Keep in mind my prices aren't just for the time I'm photographing your wedding. My fees also have to include the time I spend communicating with you prior to booking, loading gear, travel, setup, takedown, culling, editing, uploading images and setting up your gallery. Not to mention the cost of equipment, insurance, advertising and web fees.

Do you work alone?

Most of the time yes, that way I devote all my attention to you on your wedding day. For larger weddings I may bring an assistant to help with gear and lighting, but I will do the shooting.

Do you use a second shooter?

I do offer a package that includes a second shooter. A second shooter can be added to any package.

When do I pay you?

There is a 25% deposit due to hold your date. The balance is due 1 week before your wedding. You can make early payments if you choose, that's totally up to you. All payments are made online using a credit or debit card.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Yes, there will be an agreed upon hourly price for additional hours in your contract. I will come find you about 20 minutes before it is time for me to leave, if you need me to stay I gladly will. I will send you an invoice after your wedding for the additional hours.

What kind of gear do you use?

I use professional quality Nikon gear. All my cameras are full frame. All my lenses are top quality f2.8 glass.

Do I have to order prints through you?

No, you may use your digital images to print your own or order prints from anyone you like. However; I cannot guarantee the quality of prints unless you order them through me.

Will there be a contract?

Yes, I do an online written contract that details exactly what I will be providing.

Do you bring backup equipment?

Yes, I always shoot with 2 cameras so that I can get close and far shot as well as have a backup. I also bring plenty of flash cards, extra lenses and spare batteries.

What if it gets dark, do you have lighting?

Yes, I bring plenty of external battery powered lighting so if your wedding is inside or after dark, I can still get great shots.

What is the difference between editing and retouching

Editing means that the phone are color corrected, cropped and straightened. Retouching is where we correct things like skin blemishes, stray hair, skin smoothing, body contouring....etc.

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